Friday, 11 December 2009

It's official..............

........not only do I not know what day it is.........I can't even get the correct month either !!
Those of you who were eagle-eyed enough to notice on the newsletter saw that the last day of opening before our Christmas break was 11th Sept !!???!!
You see, I really DO need a break lol !!
Anyway, that's me finished now for Christmas, the shop will stay open for browsing, but no more orders will be despatched until our return on the ??? ................let me check.............6th January lmao !
Gift Vouchers will still be available throughout the Christmas break as we can activate them remotely, you just can't spend them til January lol !!

Can you believe, I have hardly started making my Christmas cards, the deccies are still in the loft and I have been madly shopping on-line for the rest of the pressies all evening !! Next year I WILL be organised !! - where have I heard that before ??

I'm thinking I will use this little chap (Stampotique - Santa Baby) for most of my Christmas Cards, there's just something about him I like, I have got him all stamped out, just need to start colouring him now and playing around with the layout, these were just a couple of test ones.....the way I am going, they will be the only ones finished lol !!

They will probably look nothing like either of theses when they are finished ! Who wants to take a bet that I end up nipping to M & S for bought ones - shock horror !!!!

Watch this space blog piccies will be aforementioned bought ones !!

Right off for some zzzzzz
Goodnight all


  1. Sounds just like me Lyn. Have just done yet another HMV shop. Have not made one card but for some reason I'm in marshmallow heaven as I've been making snowman soup packs and over stocked on the white stuff. Think it will be M&S for mine cards too!

    Tina x

  2. Lol, oh yes me too have been trying to shop online, have one card made...thought bought a box full from Tescos as a back up ! Shocking after all the papers i have ;O x

  3. How rude, lol......of course i LOVE your cards, especially the stripey one xx

  4. Hi. I was breezing through some blogs from The Isle of Man because we spend a lot of time over there. You have some lovely crafts here!!
    Can't wait for the warmer weather and to be boarding the ferry from Liverpool again.
    Greetings from Manchester :-)


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