Monday, 29 March 2010

OMG... where has March gone ??!?!?

........I seem to have missed this month somewhere along the way ??
It has been manically busy on the website with loads and loads of new goodies arriving, which of course, means loads and loads of orders to pack !!!
Tim's Alterations dies have now been in stock twice (AND.. out of stock twice lol ) I never even got a chance to stroke them !! Not only has it been frantic workwise, I have also had computer problems, particulary with Blogger - when I did get a few minutes to update I lost the post completely and gave up, I also have issues with reading everyone elses blogs - even Facebook is freezing up on me every time I spend more that 3 seconds on it !! So I'm not ignoring you all - promise ! Hopefully my internet problems are now getting resolved and this post will manage to appear and I can catch up with everyone again.

I have some super fabby wonderfully scrumptious news as well......................guess what is clearing through customs at Stanstead as we speak ?? YAY !!!!!! I don't even have to say the name do I ?..... 'cos you're all waiting patiently (and emailing me LOL !) Answers on a postcard.......... it's time to get stalking.

OK, I'm going to keep this short and not upload any photo's in the hope that it will publish before getting lost in cyberspace again..........will hopefully confirm the arrival very soon :)



  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh I am too excited and definitely stalking!!!! xx

  2. Oh I am deffo going to be stalking now....more than I normally do ROFL |:O))

  3. Lyn, I am totally new to the blogging world but have ordered from you several times and would just like to say a big thanks for the fantastic products you stock and your incredibly fast delivery! I have just received the new prima flights of fancy papers and can't wait to have a play ;) xx


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